14,000 EXECUTIONS Incoming – Government Orders It!

14,000 Protestors Face Death Penalty in Iran

14,000 Protestors Face Death Penalty in Iran

(NewsReady.com) – Since a young woman died in police custody in mid-September, Iran has been rocked by an unprecedented wave of protests. As demonstrations escalated and were met with increasing violence from security forces, many Iranians have started to openly call for the end of the country’s Islamic regime. Now, the government is calling for drastic measures.

Religious Police Brutality

Iran is a complicated nation. It has two governments: a democratically elected parliamentary system and an Islamist theocracy. It also has two militaries: the Iranian Armed Forces, and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). As for law enforcement, there are the regular police and the Guidance Patrol religious police, who enforce Islamic law.

On September 13, the Guidance Patrol arrested 22-year-old Mahsa Amini for allegedly not wearing her headscarf properly; three days later, she was dead, and eyewitnesses said she was killed by a brutal beating at the hands of religious cops.

Within hours, protesters took to the streets of Tehran demanding justice for the dead woman, and the demonstrations quickly spread to other cities. The regime reacted with predictable brutality; police deployed tear gas and then live ammunition. At least 185 protesters have been killed, with some estimates running to over 300. Thousands have been arrested, and now the regime is planning a massive bloodbath.

Terror Threat

On November 6, an overwhelming majority of the legislators in Iran’s parliament — 223 out of 290 — signed a letter to the Justice Ministry calling for the punishment of all detained protesters. The MPs want to teach the regime’s opponents a “hard lesson” and deter others from joining the protests. The letter didn’t specifically call for the death penalty, but it did say they should be treated “like the Daesh” (Islamic State) — and Iran executes ISIS terrorists.

If Iran goes ahead with the executions, the death toll will be appalling; as many as 15,000 people have been arrested for protesting. Would the ayatollahs really allow that many executions? They might.

The protests began by calling for the punishment of the police who killed Mahsa Amini. When the regime ignored that demand, demonstrators started calling for its overthrow. If Iran’s rulers feel there’s a real threat to their power, they’ll stop at nothing to crush the opposition.

Right now, President Joe Biden is still trying to resurrect the notorious Iran Nuclear Deal he helped negotiate during the Obama administration. Meanwhile, Iran’s government has been reportedly supplying Russia with weapons to use in Ukraine, and now it’s planning the slaughter of thousands of its own people. Is this really a regime we should be negotiating with?

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