1A Supporters Relieved By New Ruling

1A Supporters Relieved By New Ruling

(NewsReady.com) – The issue of restricting church services in the wake of COVID-19 has been a primary contention point among Americans. On one hand, everyone wants to safely continue their lives and believe that means a ban on all gatherings. On the other, religious expression is protected under the Constitution and some feel discriminated against. A recent ruling clarified the issue for Kentucky residents.

During the height of quarantine measures in March and April, some states went after worshippers. For instance, a church in Mississippi held an Easter gathering where everyone stayed in their cars with their windows up listening to the radio. Everyone was given a $500 fine, though charges were later dropped. It didn’t take long for Attorney General William Barr to step in to protect civil liberty abuses.

That trend of protecting churchgoers at the federal level is being expanded upon.

Kentucky’s Governor Andy Beshear (D) implemented a ban on in-person church services, which sparked a lawsuit. US District Court Judge Gregory F. Van Tatenhove ruled in favor of practitioners of faith, granting a temporary restraining order against the governor.

Tatenhove said, if social distancing practices are good enough for big retailers, then they’re good enough to allow churches to convene. As he and Barr have said in their pursuit to protect our freedoms, Constitutional rights can’t be shelved, even in the case of a pandemic.

Churches in California are also congregating in spite of Governor Gavin Newsom’s (D) orders.

The need for freedom seems to be taking center stage. After months in quarantine and witnessing the resulting economic devastation, people are ready to get on with their lives. And, they have every right to do so under the Constitution when it comes to practicing their faith.

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  1. I just wish they ( our so called representatives) would let us get on with our lives. Allow churches, businesses to open, if people don’t want to , fine, they don’t have to. But don’t punish the rest of us that do. Many of us are adults and have made many, many decisions without the government telling us how & what to do.

  2. Drew, I agree with you whole heartedly. I live in a middle size town in Texas. We have 2 large colleges (universities) in our town. The college-aged people do not choose to follow instructions for keeping a pandemic of the virus in our town. Spring breaks were taken at the beaches, no one followed the guidelines about masks, or any other mandates. Consequently, they brought back full-blown virus cases & spread it throughout our town. Our numerous elderly care facilities have had tremendous deaths.

  3. Actually, we give a damn about the deaths & destruction of lives created by the “cure,” which is already, & will continue to far exceed those lost by the disease.
    That, is caring enough to do the right thing no matter how hard it may seem.

  4. The Government needs to stop telling the Church what to do! The 1st Century Christians were told to put a pinch of incense on the Emperors Altar for the common good of the Empire! Then Christ could be recognized as the “other gods” were! As Christians we NEED to ignore the Government guidelines! As Peter told the Government of his time “who is it better to obey? God or Man?” Christ is the only God!

    • 85,000+ AMERICANS have died, (WITHIN the Last Few Months) from COVID-19!!
      And We know that the Number of Deaths are much, much higher. Social Distancing has Worked to Slow Down the # of Infections & Deaths.
      This is the ONLY Reason for Limiting Our Contact with Others. It’s Not abt Dems or Repubs,.. it abt a PANDEMIC from a Disease that has No Bounds & Spreads like Wildfires.
      To complain abt Not Being Able to go to a Building called a Church and Not Being able to Just go out as Usual,.. is Not the ONLY way we can Give Praise to the Lord. Have U fools forgotten how to Pray & Give Thanks to God that U are ALIVE…AT HOME WITH YOUR FAMILIES? MAYBE IT’S TIME TO START.
      Think abt others for a change!! We are all in this together & We NEED to Work Together to give Our Health Care workers, Medical Researchers & Others a chance to Find Solutions & Maybe a Treatment that Could Lower the # of Deaths that Occur every day. When I see your comments like the ones here,.. I SEE “selfish” INDIVIDUALS WHO DONT “G.A.F” about Other People.

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