24 Examples of Russian Cluster Bombs Found

24 Examples of Russian Cluster Bombs Found

(NewsReady.com) – The US and NATO have been clear that they will not be putting boots on the ground in Ukraine or intervening militarily at all, no matter what’s happening. US lawmakers and the international alliance have expressed concern about starting WWIII if they do so. New evidence suggests Russia may have done something horrifying, but will there be any consequences?

On Wednesday, March 30, Michelle Bachelet, the United Nation’s high commissioner for human rights, spoke to the UN Human Rights Council about allegations that Russia is using cluster bombs in Ukraine. These munitions are fired from ships or dropped from aircraft, and when they open up, they can potentially release hundreds of bombs that can cover an area the size of several fields. People in the target area are generally killed or suffer grave injuries. Bachelet said her office is investigating at least 24 cases of Russian President Vladimir Putin using cluster bombs.

Maria Avdeeva, a security expert and the research director at the European Expert Association in Ukraine, posted a video on Twitter documenting the alleged use of cluster bombs.

Bachelet said the Ukrainian people have been living a nightmare for more than a month. She accused the Russian military of indiscriminately attacking civilian areas, which is “prohibited under international humanitarian law and may amount to war crimes.”

If it’s true that Putin is using cluster bombs on the Ukrainian people, it would be extremely disturbing. But, what are world leaders going to do about it?

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