3 Times the Trump Administration Debunked the Left’s Narratives in 2020

3 Times the Trump Administration Debunked the Left's Narratives in 2020

(NewsReady.com) – Even before President Donald Trump was elected, the Left created fake narratives about him, and 2020 didn’t slow them down at all. However, the president and his administration have always been good at knocking down straw men. Here are a couple of this year’s highlights.

Bill Barr’s Resignation

Attorney General Bill Barr resigned on December 14. This triggered a left-wing frenzy of speculation about disagreements between him and the president. Theories included he knew Trump was planning questionable pardons or executive orders and didn’t want to be associated with them. However, within a day the whole scenario was demolished when Barr’s resignation letter came out – filled with praise for President Trump and what he’s accomplished.

A Year of Unrest

This year Democrats and the media have constantly tried to play down the violence perpetrated by far-left Antifa and BLM activists. The most notorious incident was when the media described a June 1 riot in Washington, DC, as “mostly peaceful.” Representative Tom McClintock (R-CA) knocked that on the head when he played video footage of the violence to a House committee.


Maybe the longest-running anti-Trump narrative is that he’s a racist and sexist who rules the US for white men. To the leftists who spread these lies, they seem like a killer argument – but minorities and women don’t seem to agree. In fact, after four years of President Trump, white men were the only group who didn’t swing behind him. In 2020, he got more support from women and minorities than he had in 2016.

These are but a few examples of how Trump has dominated the narrative.

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