4 CRIMINALS Invade Man’s Home – They Didn’t Expect What Happened Next!

Homeowner Shoots 4 Invaders, Kills One on Thanksgiving

Homeowner Shoots 4 Invaders, Kills One on Thanksgiving

(NewsReady.com) – One of the reasons the Second Amendment is so revered in the US is it allows people to protect their homes and families. Countless homeowners have used their weapons to do exactly that throughout American history. Most recently, someone in Georgia was cleared of wrongdoing after a home invasion went very wrong for the criminals.

On November 24, just after 5 p.m., police in DeKalb, Georgia, received a call to respond to a gunshot injury in Atlanta’s Gresham Park neighborhood. When law enforcement responded, they found three people, ages 23, 18, and 15, with bullet wounds. First responders took them to the hospital, where one of them died. A 30-year-old man also showed up at the medical center later, suffering from a gunshot wound.

According to reports, the shooting began as an attempted home invasion. The four shooting victims weren’t victims at all but instead, suspects who were shot by the homeowner while trying to get into the home.

Local news, 11 Alive, reported police said the shooting “appears justified.” Murder charges are now being brought against the three surviving suspects for the death of their alleged accomplice. When a suspect dies in the commission of a crime, those involved can be charged with felony murder.

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