$40,000 TREASURE Found Where Nobody Was Looking!

$40,000 Treasure Found at the Beach

$40,000 Treasure Found at the Beach

(NewsReady.com) – A Florida treasure hunter could have been celebrating this Christmas after he found an expensive diamond ring on a beach. Instead, the Good Samaritan posted details of his find online. Now, it’s been reunited with its owner.

In October, 37-year-old Joseph Cook searched for valuables on a beach in St. Augustine, Florida, and his metal detector beeped. A video he posted online shows him digging in the sand, thinking he’d found a coin; to his amazement, he unearthed a diamond and platinum engagement ring. As he admired his discovery, Cook said, “this is the biggest diamond I ever found on the beach,” but when he took it to a jeweler a week later, he was astonished to learn it was worth $40,000.

Instead of selling the ring, though, Cook posted his video online. Two weeks later, the ring’s owner called him — and was delighted to have it returned.

So, why did Cook give up tens of thousands of dollars? It turns out he’s a treasure hunter with a difference: he searches the beach for lost items, then returns them to their rightful owners.

In a media interview, Cook revealed he had already returned $60,000 worth of found property this year and keeps “a necklace with about 25 to 30 rings on it, just so I can return them to their owners.” He believes in karma and says giving things back makes him happy. That’s not a bad way to live.

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