45 Launches Supercharged Campaign With Arizona Rally

45 Launches Supercharged Campaign With Arizona Rally
  • Trump to deliver three rallies in three days.
  • Arizona event focused on patriotism, the economy and Dem extremism.
  • MAGA a key plank of Trump campaign.
  • Trump is also moving fast to pick up on Bloomberg gaffes.

(NewsReady.com) – President Trump threw his re-election campaign into gear Wednesday, delivering a powerful speech at a rally in Phoenix, Arizona – the first in a three-day, three-rally surge. It was also timed to coincide with the Democrat debate in Nevada, taking some of the attention away from his potential opponents.

The Rally

The president had a busy day, visiting California before heading to Arizona to kick off a three-day rally series with a packed event in Phoenix. Thousands of supporters waited hours in hot sunshine to get into the stadium in a cheerful show of support for Trump.

Trump himself was in an upbeat mood. Before the rally he slammed “fake polls” that show him trailing any of the Democrat candidates among the general public, saying internal polls show him on track for re-election.

That optimism continued once the rally began. The president ranged far and wide as he spoke, covering all the issues that matter to his supporters – and to the swing voters who will decide November’s election.

The rally opened with Trump introducing World War II Veteran Irvin Julian, who was carried in by two supporters as the president called him “the hottest celebrity in town.”

Much of the speech focused on the administration’s record on the economy. Trump reminded the audience that so far the stock market has set 144 records since he took office, 225,000 new jobs were created last month and the unemployment rate was the lowest in 51 years.

Trump also took the chance to slam Democrat newcomer Mike Bloomberg, who at the same time was being hammered by the other Democrat candidates at the party’s debate. As for those other candidates, he said they’re “more extreme than ever before.”

Good Times

The rally finished off a good day for the president following his surprise visit to California earlier in the day. Trump was able to capitalize on recent comments by Bloomberg, who has alienated America’s farmers by claiming their job is so easy he could teach anyone to do it.

Instead of mocking them, President Trump pressed California lawmakers to make life easier for farmers by increasing their allocation of water from the state’s often chaotic and mismanaged system.

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