911 Operator Charged in Woman’s Death

911 Operator Charged in Woman's Death
911 Operator Charged in Woman's Death

911 Call Leads To Rare CRIMINAL Charge

(NewsReady.com) – When people call 911, they generally need help. That’s quite literally what the line was set up for across America. Unfortunately, a Pennsylvania woman is now dead after an operator’s failure to give her the aid she needed, and now that emergency worker is facing serious charges.

A Green County detective filed charges against Leon “Lee” Price, 50, for the July 2020 death of Diania Kronk, 54. He was charged with manslaughter, reckless endangerment, obstruction, and official oppression for refusing to send an ambulance to help the victim when her daughter, Kelly Titchenell, called 911.

During the 911 call, Titchenell said her mother needed help because she was bleeding from her rectum. According to the Associated Press, Price demands reassurance that Kronk would actually go to the hospital located about 30 minutes away if he sent an ambulance. Titchenell, who was driving to her mom’s home from another city, said she would because if she didn’t, “she’s going to die.” Ultimately, the operator refused to send first responders and Kronk died the next day.

Greene County District Attorney Dave Russo told the AP that he’s reviewing policies to see if one exists where operators would be allowed to refuse to send help to callers. He explained that he has a “major concern as to the safety of the community” when it comes to that possibility.

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