A Baby Was Discovered Alive After Being Taken by a Tornado

(NewsReady.com) – A tornado ravaged Tennessee on December 9. The storm ripped homes off their foundations and killed three people. However, it’s a baby’s survival story that has captivated America.

An EF3 tornado tore through Clarksville. The National Weather Service recorded wind speeds of 150 mph as it left its path of destruction. Sydney Moore, 22, and her fiance, Aramis Youngblood, just put their two sons down for a nap when they said they heard a sound. Moore told ABC News that it sounded like a tornado was flying directly over their mobile home.

According to the mother of two, they went into “fight or flight mode” to save their sons, 1-year-old Princeton and 4-month-old Lord. She said she jumped on top of her older son, who was in a back bedroom, and the walls of the trailer collapsed. Moore said the storm threw them to the ground, then picked them up and threw them again. She was able to hold onto Princeton the whole time.

At the front of the home, Youngblood tried to protect their infant. The tornado swept the baby and his father away. After the storm passed them, the parents were able to communicate with their voices but couldn’t find one another. Moore said she asked Youngblood where Lord was, but “he said he didn’t know.”

Youngblood suffered a dislocated collarbone when the tornado ripped him out of his home. The injury didn’t stop him from searching for his baby. About 10 minutes later, he found Lord safely nestled in a tree, still in his bassinet.

Moore and Princeton suffered minor injuries, including bruises and scratches. The baby had a scratch on his face that had to be tended to by a doctor, but was otherwise okay. The family lost all of their belongings and their home in the storm. As of December 17, Moore’s sister has raised more than $99,000 for the family through GoFundMe.

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