Accused Serial Killer Allegedly Lured Victims With Promises of Buried Treasure

( – A Washington state man has spent more than two years in the King Correctional Facility while he waits for trial on gun charges, arson, and murder charges. Prosecutors have now charged him with more counts of murder.

In May 2021, authorities arrested Richard Bradley Jr., 40, after the bodies of Michael Goeman, his son Vance Lakey, and Brandi Blake were found in Auburn, Washington, between April 21 and May 26. Goeman and Lakey were found off a county road that wasn’t maintained. Blake’s body was found in Game Farm Park.

When authorities found Blake’s body, they also found three rib bones that didn’t belong to her, about 30 feet from her grave. Investigators revealed DNA testing proved the ribs belonged to Emilio Maturin, who’d been missing since August 2019.

Authorities originally only charged Bradley with one count of first-degree murder for allegedly killing Blake. But they announced three more first-degree murder counts for the deaths of Lakey, Goeman, and Maturin. Prosecutors allege the suspect used the same tactic to lure all of the victims.

Bradley is accused of telling the victims that he needed help digging up a buried treasure containing gold in the woods. Then he murdered them and left their bodies there. He then stole their vehicles and took all of their belongings that were inside of them. Reports indicate Blake recently won $20,000 and was known to carry money around. Maturin also had a reputation for carrying around drugs and cash.

An associate of the suspect reportedly told police that Bradley offered him money to break into a storage area to burn Lakey’s impounded vehicle. The associate said they cut the fence but then decided not to go through with it.

After Bradley allegedly killed the victims, he was seen driving their vehicles around. Defense Attorney Peter Geisness is reportedly representing the defendant in all of the cases. Bradley is being held without bond.

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