Acting Icon Richard Dreyfuss on Woke Rules: “They Make Me Vomit”

Acting Icon Richard Dreyfuss on Woke Rules:

( – Conservatives are fighting hard against so-called woke policies. Republican governors across the country are waging wars against regulations that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Hollywood hasn’t gotten the message and continues to push the ideology, and now, one actor is speaking out about it.

On May 5, PBS aired a wide-ranging interview with Richard Dreyfuss on the show “Firing Line with Margaret Hoover.” During the conversation, the host brought up the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences implementing new rules that will require films to meet inclusion standards if they want to be eligible for an Academy Award. Hoover explained that each of the movies would need to have a certain percentage of crews and actors who are “from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups” and asked the actor what he thought.

“They make me vomit, “Dreyfuss responded.

The Oscar-winner said movie making is a form of art, and nobody should be telling an artist that they have to give into the most current form of morality. He demanded to know what was being risked, whether it was about “hurting people’s feelings.” Dreyfuss said, “We can’t legislate that.” He then went on to ask if he’s being told he won’t ever have the opportunity to “play a black man.”

The actor is a lover of history and civics. He created the Dreyfuss Civics Initiative to promote civics in public schools from kindergarten to 12th grade. He has slammed the way the Americans aren’t properly teaching the subject in school, which leads to adults who don’t know anything about how the government works.

Dreyfuss said that he believes the partisanship and rhetoric in American politics have contributed to the degradation of civics lessons in schools. He also said that he supports making high school students pass the same citizenship test that immigrants take if they want to receive their diplomas.

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