Activist Admits To Giving Hormone Drugs to Children

Activist Admits To Giving Hormone Drugs to Children

( – Last year, transgender activist Eli Erlick came under fire after she allegedly said she was going to send hormone drugs to people across the country. Conservative media condemned her plan. Less than a year later, she has admitted to sending medications to people who do not have prescriptions.

On March 7, Erlick posted a confession online that she received extra prescriptions for hormone blockers. She said she’s “a proud criminal in Mississippi for aiding and abetting lifesaving medicine for trans youth.” She went on to say that she knew she was at risk for posting about it, but she wanted to also encourage others to share their own medications.

Anti-trans activist Matt Walsh shared the post on Twitter, thanking Erlick for “admitting to a felony in a state that’s actually willing to prosecute.” The podcaster said he reached out to the governor’s office about her tweet and asked her if she wanted to confess to any other crimes in states controlled by Republicans.

Candace Owens posted a video saying that Erlick was selling hormone medications to minors. The trans activist responded and called the claims “false and defamatory.” She went on to say she does not sell anything, but rather gives them away.

In a follow-up tweet, Erlick asked if anyone has been prosecuted for sharing hormone replacement therapy medications in the last 30 years. She said she had never seen any such cases.

The Daily Mail accused Erlick of operating a drug trafficking operation that allegedly began in 2021. The media organization went on to say that she’d posted a message on social media last year discussing the redistribution of “extra hormones to people who can’t access [or] afford them.”

Erlick responded to the Mail’s reporting by saying the site never reached out to her for comment.

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