Activist SHOT – An “Accident” Is Being Reported!

Man Claims Shooting of Pro-life Canvasser an

Man Claims Shooting of Pro-life Canvasser an “Accident”

( – Michigan voters are going to have an opportunity to decide whether they want to enshrine reproductive rights in their state Constitution with their vote on Proposal 3 on November 8. Right to Life volunteers have been going door-to-door in the state to ask residents to vote “no” on the measure. Recently, one of those volunteers was shot.

On September 20, near Lake Odessa, an 83-year-old unnamed Right to Life volunteer knocked on the door of Richard and Sharon Harvey. The canvasser reportedly got into an argument with Mrs. Harvey. The Right to Life worker alleges she was walking away peacefully when she was shot in the back.

Right to Life of Michigan released a statement saying the volunteer is recovering from her wounds but wishes to remain anonymous.

The couple was interviewed by NBC affiliate Wood TV and told their version of what happened. According to Mr. Harvey, he was in the barn when the confrontation happened and grabbed his .22 caliber rifle to go see what was going on. The Harveys claim the Right to Life volunteer repeatedly refused to leave their property.

Mr. Harvey then fired a warning shot into a pine tree in the front yard. He says the elderly volunteer was waving a clipboard around, and he thought she was going to hit his wife. At that point, the husband said he didn’t even think about it and tried to use his rifle to knock the clipboard away when he accidentally squeezed the trigger. He said, “It was an accident.”

The Michigan State Police are investigating. When they are through, the prosecutor will make a decision as to whether to charge anyone.

Do you think prosecutors should charge Mr. Harvey?

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