Actress Reacts To Illicit Hollywood Movie Scenes: “Thank God I’m Beyond That”

Actress Reacts To Illicit Hollywood Movie Scenes:

( – It’s no secret that women have traditionally not been treated well in Hollywood. Time and again, the public hears stories about them being assaulted and degraded. One actress opened up about some of those hardships recently.

Joanna Lumley sat down for an interview with The Guardian on June 21 and discussed what she’s doing now while looking back at her career. The actress, who played Patsy Stone in the BBC comedy “Absolutely Fabulous,” is currently working on a new television mini-series called “Joanna Lumley’s Spice Trail Adventure.” She took a trip along the spice trail and explored the realities of colonialism.

During Lumley’s discussion with journalist Emine Saner, she talked about the intimacy coordinators on the sets of shows and said she thinks they are “probably a nice thing.” However, the actress said she likes it better when sex scenes aren’t filmed at all. She called them “intolerable” and “revolting.”

In 2004, Lumley wrote a memoir and said that there’s an expectation that women will strip. Everyone she worked with had to take their tops off. “Thank God I’m beyond it now,” she said in her interview.

Saner asked Lumley how she felt when she had to go topless for a part. The actress was blunt, saying she did it “with hatred” and admitted it always felt like she was being exploited. At the same time, she explained that men were being paid more. So, female actresses were forced to engage in partial nudity, or they could be cut from whatever they were filming.

As for the sexual harassment in the industry, during that time, Lumley said it was everywhere. So women learned to deal with it and got used to it.

Lumley’s new show, “Joanna Lumley’s Spice Trail Adventure,” airs on ITV in the United Kingdom. Americans who want to watch the show will have to get a VPN.

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