Afghan Evacuees Identified as Potential Matches to US Terror Watch Lists

Afghan Evacuees Identified as Potential Matches to US Terror Watch Lists

( – The US is flying thousands of Afghan refugees out of the country, to safety elsewhere. Intelligence officials are vetting these people as they flee the country. A recent report reveals officials flagged at least 100 refugees.

On Sunday, August 22, President Joe Biden explained how the US is vetting the Special Immigrant Visa applicants (SIVs). According to the president, the military flies the refugees out of Afghanistan to transit centers in Spain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Germany. They complete paperwork and undergo in-depth background checks at that point, and apparently, the system is working.

A recent report by Defense One reveals roughly 100 refugees have had their names flagged by the Defense Department’s Automated Biometric Identification System. At least one of the people had potential ties to ISIS.

A State Department spokesperson told the Daily Mail that intelligence agencies, counterterrorism experts, and law enforcement departments are vetting all applicants to stop potential terrorists from entering the US. They would not confirm whether any of the refugees had ties to ISIS.

There are fears that the Biden administration will not take the proper steps to ensure adequate vetting. Fortunately, it seems intelligence officials have control of that part of the evacuation process. Hopefully, no potential terrorists manage to slip through undetected.

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