After 30 Years, Missing Man’s Remains Discovered on Alleged Serial Killer’s Property

( – In the summer of 1993, Allen Livingston went missing. He was just shy of turning 28 years old. Now his family has finally received answers about what happened to him.

On October 17, Jeff Jellison, the coroner in Hamilton County, Indiana, announced that bone fragments were identified as belonging to Livingston. Investigators have collected more than 10,000 crushed and burned remains from an 18-acre farm in Westfield that belonged to suspected serial killer Herbert Baumeister.

Sharon Livingston told the press that she knew her son was dead before she received the confirmation. She said her mother’s intuition had convinced her he was gone years ago.

In 1996, a judge issued a warrant for Baumeister’s arrest. Indianapolis police questioned him about a number of missing persons cases from the 1980s and 1990s. All of the men were gay and vanished from the area. Authorities began looking into him after a man named Tony Harris said he met the suspect at a gay bar in 1994. Harris’s friend, Roger Goodlet, went missing around the same time, and he thought Baumeister might have been responsible.

Harris said that he approached the suspected killer at a bar, and the man introduced himself as “Brian Smart.” He claimed Baumeister spent a lot of time staring at Goodlet’s missing poster above the bar. Harris allegedly accepted an invitation to go to Baumeister’s home to swim. They had sex, and during it, he accused the suspect of trying to strangle him to death. He pretended to pass out, escaped, and alerted the police. Authorities weren’t able to find Hollow Fox Farm until a year later, when Harris was able to get Baumeister’s license plate number.

Around the same time, police were looking for a suspected serial killer. Police searched his property and found human remains in 1996. Baumeister fled the area and was hiding in Ontario, Canada, when he killed himself.

The remains of nine missing people have been identified on the property.

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