Airbnb Introducing Anti-Party Technology

Airbnb Introducing Anti-Party Technology in Late Response to Tragedy

App Rolls Out New Feature After HEARTBREAKING Tragedy…

( – Residents in neighborhoods with Airbnb rentals have long complained about disruptions that take place at the homes. In 2019, one of the gatherings had a tragic ending. A year later, the pandemic and social distancing recommendations led to more restrictions on parties. The short-term rental company is now rolling out new technology in North America.

On August 16, Airbnb announced it’s going to start using anti-party technology in Canada and the US. The system will help identify high-risk reservations by assessing a number of factors, including how far someone lives from a property, how long they’ve been using the platform, and the length of the reservation. The company rolled the program out in Australia in October, and has seen a 35% drop in parties.

According to the announcement, if the new algorithm denies a reservation, that person can rent a room because the host is more likely to be on site. The company claims the new technology will have the biggest impact on “bad actors” and not innocent renters who just need a place to stay.

There have been multiple violent incidents at Airbnb party houses over the years. In 2019, five people lost their lives in a shooting at a California party at one of the homes. The company responded to the murders by banning the residences used solely for that purpose.

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