Al-Qaeda Now Has Materials for Nuclear Weapons, Says Report

Al-Qaeda Now Has Materials for Nuclear Weapons, Says Report

( – In 2001, al-Qaeda operatives boarded planes in the US and flew them into buildings, killing 2,977 people. That set off a two-decade-long, unsuccessful war to eradicate the terrorist group. Shockingly, a new report now indicates the violent terrorists might have enough material to make a weapon of mass destruction.

Newsweek relayed a report from the Israeli newspaper Maariv indicating al-Qaeda might have enough enriched uranium to make a nuclear bomb. According to the report, the bomb-making material was on its way to be delivered to Houthi rebels in Yemen from Iran when terrorists from al-Qaeda intercepted it.

Iran was in talks with the US over a possible nuclear deal, but negotiations broke down. Discussions between the countries ended in September, leaving no solution and increased tensions.

The latest news shows how far the Iranian nuclear program has come. Newsmax reported that in September, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said Iran would have enough enriched uranium to make three nuclear warheads within weeks.

Iran has also been sending drones to help Russia fight in Ukraine, as well. Russian officials have denied using Iranian weapons.

The possibility that al-Qaeda now has its hands on Iranian uranium creates an entirely new danger for the US and its allies.

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