Alex Jones Threatens To Cut Himself on Camera

Alex Jones Threatens To Cut Himself on Camera

Alex Jones Threatens To Harm Himself – Releases Video

( – Alex Jones is known for his off-the-wall statements and bombastic personality. His radio show and InfoWars website have long been a source of controversy. Now, he’s back in the news again for making a weird declaration.

On the July 10 episode of “The Alex Jones Show,” the conservative took out a knife and told his audience he wanted to “cut a finger off right on air” to salute his listeners, according to Mediaite. He claimed he’s not into hurting himself but appreciates his listeners so much. “Giving up a finger to beat these people is nothing!” he declared.

Jones reportedly went on to tell his listeners they “changed the world” when they “stood up against evil.” It’s unclear exactly what kind of evil they stood up against.

The odd segment of Jones’ show came two days before the January 6 committee heavily featured remarks he had made leading up to the Capitol Hill incident. When the hearing was over on Tuesday, his ex-wife took to Twitter claiming she had inside information about the events. She reportedly tweeted that she believes she could help the committee more than 40 times.

If nothing else, it seems Jones has a lot happening in his life right now. But, his outburst on Sunday led some to wonder if he is unwell. What do you think?

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