Ali Alexander Says He Has “Dirt” on Marjorie Taylor Greene

Ali Alexander Says He Has

( – A prominent supporter of former President Donald Trump says he has evidence that Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) committed a crime serious enough to get her expelled from Congress. Now, Ali Alexander, an organizer of the Stop the Steal campaign, is threatening to hand that evidence to Georgia authorities.

Greene is one of Trump’s strongest supporters in Congress, but now she’s facing criticism for voting to elect Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as House speaker. Is that behind Alexander’s threat?

Ali Alexander, who was born Ali Abdul-Razaq Akbar, is a right-wing political activist best known for campaigning against the results of the 2020 general election. He founded the Stop the Steal campaign days before the election and used it to promote opposition to the incoming Biden Administration.

On January 6, Right Wing Watch posted a short video clip showing Alexander viciously denouncing Greene. Alexander launched his tirade by proclaiming, “I will not suffer this harlot. I will not be taught vows and loyalty, commitment from a wh**e!” He went on to claim Greene has committed a crime, and said, “That crime is going to be handed to the state of Georgia,” and added that the state “must expel” her.

While Alexander didn’t give any details of the alleged crime, he did say everyone would know about her “drunken nights” with consultants. It’s unclear why he’s decided to attack her so publicly, but he’s recently criticized her for voting for Kevin McCarthy. Although McCarthy was finally elected on the 15th ballot on January 7, a group of pro-Trump Republicans opposed him and made this the most bitterly contested speaker election in history. It lasted nearly all week, before the California representative was finally able to secure the role.

Is this Alexander’s retaliation for Greene not voting the way he wanted?

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