Alien and UFO Hotbed Examined in a New Netflix Documentary

  • Residents of Stephenville, Texas, believe they saw a UFO in 2008.
  • Sixteen kids at a school in Wales told authorities they saw a UFO while they were on the playground.
  • Stephen Spielberg’s production company made a docuseries about the encounters.
  • Answering the question of whether we are alone in the galaxy is something many scientists want to know.

( – Aliens and UFOs, or UAPs, as the government now calls them, have been a hot topic in recent years. The American people have long thought the federal government has hidden proof that extraterrestrial beings exist. In 2023, Congress held its first public hearing on the subject. Mexico soon did the same thing. Now, a new Netflix documentary by Steven Spielberg’s production company is exploring the towns where sightings took place.

Bermuda Triangle: Alien Edition

The new Netflix series “Encounters” was the number one most-streamed program on September 28. The producers of the four-episode series speak to people who have allegedly encountered UFOs and aliens.

One of the places where residents claim to have seen otherworldly creatures is in Broad Haven, a small seaside village in Wales, UK. The area is known as “The Broad Haven Triangle.”

There have been approximately 450 alleged sightings in the village. In 1977, children at Broad Haven Primary School looked up at the sky while they were on the playground and reportedly saw a UFO. Sixteen kids told their teachers that they saw a silver cigar-shaped object that was about 45 feet long with a central dome and red pulsating lights flying outside. They claimed it was above the trees and flew around the perimeter of the grounds.

The BBC reported that teachers were shocked that so many kids described seeing the same thing. Headmaster Ralph Llewhellin said that many of the drawings were similar, too.

David Davies, 57, was one of the students who claimed to have seen something that day. He said he walked outside after his friend told him what he saw. When he exited the door, he said the UFO popped up from behind some trees, and he ran away. He explained that, unlike school now, there weren’t any phones or social media, so the kids never had an opportunity to get together to make up a story.

Some students said they saw a man standing by the UFO, but he was too far away to describe.

Texas Light Show

The Welsh village isn’t the only one featured in the show; so is Stephenville, Texas. In 2008, residents of the Central Texas town were thrown into the spotlight after they reported a series of UFO sightings.

Dozens of the town’s residents said they saw a mile-wide UFO with bright lights flying low and fast. Steve Allen, a pilot, told reporters that he was sitting around a campfire with friends when he saw it. He said the object traveled fast and didn’t make any noise. Others said the same thing and described similar experiences. You can hear what they had to say by watching the show, which is out on Netflix now.

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