Alleged Creepy Celebrity Stalker Arrested

( – Actress Drew Barrymore has been in the entertainment business since she was a child. As many Hollywood stars have learned, celebrity status sometimes makes them a target for unwanted attention. Recently, a man was arrested after he allegedly tried a little too hard to get close to the actress.

The drama started on Monday, August 21, when Barrymore was in New York City to lead a conversation with actress/singer Reneé Rapp. During the event, a man stood up from the crowd and started making his way toward the stage. The man shouted at Barrymore, saying, “You know who I am!”

Rapp and Barrymore stood up, and the singer wrapped her arm around the “E.T.” star and protectively escorted her off of the stage. Meanwhile, security at the event intercepted the man and escorted him out of the venue. Barrymore and Rapp returned to the stage a short time later to continue the discussion.

Days later, residents of Barrymore’s Southampton neighborhood called the police and reported that a suspicious man was riding his bike up and down driveways, telling people he was looking for the actress. Just before midnight, Southampton Township Police made contact with the man. He was identified as Chad Michael Busto of Washington, DC.

Officers spoke to the suspect and released him. They said he appeared to leave the area. Detectives followed up and conducted an investigation, then decided to charge him with fourth-degree stalking. On August 24, police found Busto and arrested him.

The alleged stalker was ordered to stay away from Barrymore and released from jail. He told reporters that he had to get a court-ordered GPS tracking device. According to Busto, he was trying to reach the actress because he thought she could help him. Law enforcement claims he has a history of trying to contact famous women.

Busto is scheduled to go to court on September 12. He has said he intends to represent himself.

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