America Prepares for the Worst

America Prepares for the Worst

( – Americans have done their part to help flatten the infection curve by practicing social distancing and proper sanitary measures. Unfortunately, we won’t see the impact of those measures right away. Medical experts are predicting this is the week we’ll start seeing huge jumps in COVID-19-related deaths.

As of April 7, there are nearly 13,000 deaths in the US. That figure is over 14,000 deaths in Spain and 17,000 in Italy. Admiral Brett Giroir, doctor and member of the COVID-19 task force, told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that it’s going to get bad. The coming seven days or so will likely be the worst for hospitalizations and deaths.

The CDC has also added wearing face masks to its guidelines to help prevent the spread.

Surgeon General Jerome Adams reminded us by comparing this week to a Pearl Harbor or 9/11 moment.

Over 90% of Americans are living under stay-at-home orders issued by their state governments. The average person is doing their part to help contain the pandemic. The deaths in the coming days are by and large a result of the infections that occurred before those measures. Please remember to stay calm, distance yourself from others, and wear a mask when going out in public.

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