America Suprised By How Fast Russia Is Forging Strategic Partnerships

( – Russian President Vladimir Putin recently traveled to North Korea to strengthen his country’s relationship with the nation. He has also strengthened his connections to other US adversaries. A new report indicates President Joe Biden’s administration wasn’t prepared by Putin’s swift action.

Russia has expanded its alliances with China, North Korea, and Iran in recent months. The country has inked military cooperation agreements with the three American adversaries to share sensitive information with them. The countries are also reportedly helping Putin rebuild its war machine

On June 19, The Wall Street Journal reported that American intelligence analysts were surprised by the “speed and depth of the expanding security ties involving the US adversaries” and Russia.

The US has repeatedly accused the Chinese government of helping Russia to get around its sanctions by sending it large quantities of equipment with dual uses. That includes “machine tools [and] microelectronics.” Washington also believes China has helped the Kremlin improve its space capabilities so it can better target Ukraine.

According to the report, North Korea has sent workers to Russia to help the country manufacture weapons. US officials also think Pyongyang has sold the nation missiles and artillery shells to use in the war.

Iran has reportedly become Putin’s largest weapons supplier. The Middle Eastern nation, and the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, is helping to build a factory in Russia’s Tatarstan region that will allow Putin to mass produce Shahed-136 drones. Ukraine recently stated that Russia launched more than 2,270 Iranian drones in 2024.

The US had hoped that its sanctions against Russia would isolate the country so much that it would not be able to rebuild its forces and it would have no choice but to end the conflict. The military agreements the nation signed with the US adversaries have allowed the war to continue, and now it’s barreling toward its third anniversary.

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