Americans Enjoy the Outdoors Again

Americans Enjoy the Outdoors Again

( – Between quarantine fatigue and states beginning to reopen, Americans were excited to visit public spaces over the weekend. Once-empty parks and beaches were crawling with activity. Still, if this weekend proves anything, it’s that people are looking for some relief, and not just financially.

Beaches in Port Aransas, Texas were packed.

Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia, one of the city’s biggest parks, was also crowded.

In Florida, lines formed at the marinas where boaters were preparing to hit the waves.

There were some restrictions put in place to avoid potential infections. In Florida, boats were informed to stay 50 feet apart. Even with social-distancing guidelines, plenty of people were looking to relieve the cabin fever many of us have experienced for well over a month.

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  1. Let’s hope that people don’t start ‘trashing the beaches again’ for the sake of the animal population

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