Americans on Cruise Ship Infected With Coronavirus

Americans on Cruise Ship Infected with Coronavirus

( – The coronavirus continues to spread across China as well as across its borders. Some people unfortunate enough to contract this new virus were taking vacations on the open waters. Multiple reports of cruise ships being quarantined to contain the spread of the virus have recently come in.

One instance involves the Diamond Princess, which is now docked in Japan with 2,666 guests aboard. Over 400 of those passengers are from the US, and of the 135 known infection cases, 23 are Americans.

Symptoms of the virus are confusing at best during its early stages. According to Rebecca Frasure, who has been in the isolation ward in a Tokyo hospital, she feels okay aside from stuffy sinuses. She recently told ABC News, “It doesn’t even feel like a cold” and that she wouldn’t have known she was infected if she wasn’t tested for the coronavirus.

Additionally, the Anthem of the Seas arrived in New Jersey so passengers could be screened.

Diamond Princess’ parent company is offering full refunds to vacationers.

There is still no vaccine for the deadly virus.

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  1. Not only are the passengers getting sick, now JAPANESE HEALTH CARE WORKERS in contact with just these passengers are now getting the virus too in spite of all the precautions they take and some want to let the ships passengers off the ship. I laugh at their idiocy.

  2. You’re a little behind the times cupcake. There are now 218 confirmed cases and more, many more on the way. China just today, reconfigured the way they “count” and what to their surprise, the count is now 150% over the last “record” count for a day. My, my. The REAL count is WAY over what they report now and what about retroactively counting those they didn’t count before. PANDEMIC.

  3. Please leave any Americans where they are.. Please do not bring them back to America. They wanted to go to China , if they would have stayed in their own country this would not have happened to them . . So leave them in China until the Corona Virus is under control.
    Laur Climer

  4. I think some of the democrat senators and house congressman should get together and do an in person investigation on these cruise ships, just to make sure this isn’t some republican ploy to take attention away from the democratic primaries….

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