Americans Speak Out on National Recovery

Americans Speak Out on National Recovery

( – As the coronavirus spreads, the US economy is deteriorating by the day. With the sheer amount of businesses reducing hours or shutting down, new unemployment projections are around 32%. Even though the US economic situation is dicey, almost all Americans are confident that we can recover from the COVID-19 crisis.

A new Grinnell College National Poll found 88% of people are confident the country will find a way through the pandemic. In addition, 70% said they’re willing to shelter-in-place “as long as asked” if it was required of them.

Americans who took the poll also overwhelmingly trust public health experts and personal doctors for information about the pandemic. In fact, 46% of respondents have complete trust in medical experts and 45% mostly trust them.

There were certainly people who felt stressed, angry, or “doomed.” About 55% were stressed, 39% were scared, and 15% felt doomed. As upset as they are, people still feel optimistic about the long-term economic stability of the country. The poll also revealed younger Americans were more likely to feel the economic impact of COVID-19 than older adults.

Ultimately, the American people are hopeful for the future and trust our medical experts with the details of this crisis. They know that we’ll get through this crisis.

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