Ancient ‘Non-Human’ Bodies Discovered in Peruvian Mines

( – Aliens have dominated the headlines in recent months. In the US, the government has admitted there are unexplainable things in the sky. Now, there’s news about the issue in Mexico, too.

On September 12, Mexico’s Congress held a hearing about unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) for the first time. Jaime Maussan, a journalist who has long studied the issue, brought specimens to the country’s capital. They looked like corpses that he displayed in glass boxes. The remains were smaller than a human adult but had features like ours, with mouths, eyes, and a nose. They had elongated necks only had three fingers on each hand. He claimed they were recovered in mines in Cusco, Peru, in 2017. He went on to tell lawmakers that the specimens were “beings, non-humans who are not part of our terrestrial evolution.”

Maussan told the Mexican Congress that scientists at the National Autonomous University of Mexico carbon analyzed the specimens. He said they determined the remains were between 700 and 1,800 years old.

The UAP expert said his demonstration was “the first time extraterrestrial life [was] presented in such a form,” telling lawmakers he didn’t believe they were “related to any other species in our world” and said scientists should investigate it.

Ryan Graves, a retired Navy pilot, spoke at the Mexican hearing, as well. He has also testified at the US hearing on the topic and spoken out in the press. Graves claims he has seen UAPs while he was serving as a pilot. According to the former service member, his purpose was to educate the public and break the stigma surrounding UAPs. He said there needs to be “better transparency and disclosure.”

During the US hearing on UAPs, retired Major David Grusch told lawmakers he knows people who suffered injuries as a result of unidentified objects. He also said that he interviewed people who collected non-human biologics from crashes.

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