Andrew Cuomo Grants Convicted Murderers Clemency On His Way Out

Andrew Cuomo Grants Convicted Murderers Clemency On His Way Out

( – Andrew Cuomo is no longer the governor of New York. He resigned earlier this month after State Attorney General Letitia James released a report accusing him of sexually harassing at least 11 women. On August 24, Governor Kathy Hochul took office just after midnight. Before the transition took place, Cuomo decided to use the power he had left to grant clemency to five convicted murderers.

Cuomo commuted the sentence of Robert Ehrenberg, 62, who has spent more than 28 years in prison for a conviction of two counts of second-degree murder. Greg Mingo, 68, also saw his sentence commuted. The convict spent almost 40 years behind bars after the court found him guilty of four counts of second-degree murder. Ulysses Boyd, 66, served 35 years after a second-degree murder conviction, also received clemency. Paul Clark, 59, will also have an opportunity to live a life on the outside after serving 40 years for 3 counts of second-degree murder.

Finally, Cuomo granted clemency to San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s (D) father, 74-year-old David Gilbert. The convicted felon served 40 years in prison for 3 counts of second-degree murder after a robbery left a security guard and 2 cops dead. The parole board will decide whether to release him.

State Assemblyman Michael Lawler (R) decried the act, calling it a “disgusting betrayal” of the victims’ families and law enforcement officers in the state. Cuomo’s decision to free Gilbert came just before the 40th anniversary of the murders.

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