Another FBI Search Is Coming for a Republican Congressman

Another FBI Search Is Coming for a Republican Congressman

Report – Another FBI Search Is Coming…

( – With controversy still raging over the August 8 raid on former President Donald Trump’s home, it looks like the FBI wants to search another prominent Republican. A GOP congressman is suing the Department of Justice (DOJ) to prevent it from inspecting his cell phone. The case raises serious questions about what the FBI is trying to do.

On August 9, Representative Scott Perry (R-PA) was on vacation with his family when three FBI agents served him a warrant for his phone. The phone was then handed to the DOJ’s inspector general, who is investigating claims that Trump and his supporters tried to replace the department’s leaders in an attempt to stay in office. Perry, as a supporter of the former president, has become a key target for this investigation.

The DOJ hopes Perry’s phone will reveal evidence that Trump did plan to manipulate the department into helping him hold on to the White House. Perry rejects these claims and says his phone contains details of his work as a congressman and personal conversations between him and his wife. “None of this is the government’s business,” he said.

Now, Perry is suing the DOJ to prevent them from retrieving data from his phone. Investigators are currently applying for a second search warrant that would allow them to search the phone; Perry’s lawsuit, filed on August 18, aims to block this warrant. It looks like the FBI is on a fishing trip, probing Trump loyalists to see what it can find. Should these tactics be allowed?

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