Another Food Factory Suffers Disaster

Another Mysterious Incident Hits a Food Factory

Food Factory SABOTAGED, or Just Another Strange Accident?

( – Food prices are soaring across the nation, causing financial strife for the American people. A recent incident in Minnesota could make it worse, impacting egg prices across the country.

On May 29, a fire broke out at Forsman Farms in Howard Lake, killing tens of thousands of chickens. A Forsman Farms spokesperson issued a statement saying firefighters were able to contain it “to a single structure.” The cause of the fire is under investigation, but the Wright County Sheriff’s Office believes it was likely an accident.

The farm is one of the largest egg producers in the country, providing three million eggs per day.

Forsman Farms’ fire was one of a number of incidents at food factories around the country. At the end of April, there was a fire at Perdue Farms in Chesapeake, Virginia. Firefighters had it under control in an hour and the plant remained fully operational. There was also a plane crash outside of a General Mills facility in Covington, Georgia. The crash had no impact on the facility; it remained fully operational. In early May, a fire in Minnesota killed more than 1,000 goats. Police have not released the cause yet, but haven’t said anything about arson at this point.

One incident that impacted the supply chain in the country was the temporary closure of a baby food factory in Michigan. Fortunately, that plant is up and running again.

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