Another Top Kamala Harris Official Leaves

Another Top Kamala Harris Official Leaves

( – Since she took office, Vice President Kamala Harris has been plagued by rumors of problems in her team. Now, it looks like they’re still simmering. Last week, the media reported that her chief of staff would be the next to go.

On April 21, the Washington Post revealed that Harris had chosen a new chief of staff to replace Tina Flournoy, who’s held the job since the start of the Biden administration. Flournoy is the latest in a long line of Harris staffers who’ve quit, following the VP’s deputy chief of staff, national security adviser, and speechwriter out the door. According to a White House official, Flournoy is leaving for “personal reasons,” and Harris released a statement calling Flournoy “a critical member of the White House team” and praising her “experience, wisdom and hard work.”

Not everyone has been as complimentary about Flournoy, though. When the first rumors about a “toxic” environment in Harris’s office surfaced last summer, several staffers accused Flournoy of helping to create it. The chief of staff allegedly ignored or rejected ideas put forward by the team and was reluctant to take decisions. Other staffers put much of the blame for her chaotic office on Harris herself.

Now, with Flournoy out of the picture and senior Harris adviser Lorraine Voles stepping up to replace her, the vice president will have a chance to start over. Will she manage that, or will the turmoil and resignations continue?

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