Anti-Impeachment Protesters Disrupt Event

Anti-Impeachment Protesters Disrupt Event

Trump supporters are increasing their pushback against the impeachment movement. As the articles of impeachment move to the Senate, tensions continue to rise. Supporters staged a protest during the recent Armenian Genocide Recognition event.

The event was interrupted while Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who has taken a strong position of leadership with the impeachment movement, was on stage. Trump supporters in the crowd held pro-Trump signs and began heckling Schiff to prevent him from speaking. One of their chants involved repeating the word “liar” to drown out anyone else attempting to speak.

Watch a clip of this demonstration below.

It was a long and difficult fight for Congress to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide. Supporters of the resolution are deeply upset about the demonstration that interrupted a crucial moment for them. Some of them had family members who died in the genocide or were otherwise affected by the actions of the Turkish government.

Trump supporters have consistently spoken out against Schiff for his handling of the impeachment hearings. This event provided them another platform to air their discontent.

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