AOC Faces One Less Challenger

AOC Faces One Less Challenger
  • GOP candidate Scherie Murray unexpectedly drops out.
  • AOC still has a substantial lead in campaign fundraising.
  • NY-14 Congressional District is historically Democratic.
  • It’s going to be tough to oust AOC for both the GOP and Dem challengers. 

( – As one of the most widely-known representatives currently holding office, it’s not surprising Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) had so many challengers. Publicly aligned as a Democratic Socialist and elected to New York’s 14th Congressional District in 2018, Democrats and Republicans alike want to unseat her. She’s too far left for most Democrats and has been a constant nuisance for Republicans.

However, the attempt to replace AOC just got harder.

Murray Drops Out

Scherie Murray, one of the main GOP contesters of AOC’s House seat, abruptly dropped out of the race. The circumstances surrounding this decision are peculiar and more information should come to light in the coming days and weeks. For now, here’s the breakdown.

Murray suspended her campaign days after she filed a lawsuit against the contractor who collected signatures to get her on the ballot. It’s alleged, among other issues, they violated state election laws by having a registered Democrat act as the “subscribing witness” for Murray’s petition. That witness should have been a Republican in order to get on the GOP ballot.

Andrew Shannon and Dean Nelson, the ones hired to help Murray’s campaign, shot back and questioned her “shortcomings.” As this case develops, we should get more insight into exactly how the contractors were unable to help the campaign succeed.

State of the Race

The NY-14 district has, historically, had landslide Democratic victories (70% or more), including when AOC took out the long-term incumbent Joe Crowley. The last time a Republican held the seat was in 1993. So, the GOP already had its work cut out for them. While not the whole story, a look at the finances of the main campaigns could show the writing on the wall.

  • AOC has raised just under $8 million for her campaign.
  • John Cummings (R), an ex-New York police officer, raised almost $1.6 million.
  • Michelle Caruso-Cabrera (D), a former CNBC contributor, brought in just over $1 million.
  • Scherie Murray (R), who just dropped out, had $679,540 raised in total.
  • Jineea Butler (R), a long-time social services worker, raised $334,896.

The other candidates have either raised less than $100,000 (Bardun Khan) or don’t have info available from FEC filings as of May 26 (Sam Sloan).

Long story short, the Republican Party has a tough road ahead of them if they want to take the seat from the far-left congresswoman. She can be unseated but it’s going to take some work. And GOP voters need to make sure they turn out en masse in November.

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  1. How in God’s name can SANE? people vote for bug eyes 2 front teeth?Are educated SANE Democrats non existent?

  2. It’s a shame that Murray was force out of running against AOC. The Democrats don’t belong in office in NY because none of them really care about the people. Just like AOC shut down Amazon to build in NYC. The Mayor and Governor of NY down belong to the people of this state. They think of themselves, like AOC.
    VOTE FOR REPUBLICAN for New York State & City. Save New York Now before it goes to the DOGS.

    • It’s already gone bye bye. There is no turning it around. I know because it’s my home state unfortunately. Same with California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois , Oregon, Maryland, Deleware, Connecticut , Oregon., Washington , Massachusetts, Rhode Island. These are all run by no good democrats . Shows the number of anti-America people we have in this country. Tens of millions and that doesn’t count all the fraudulent voters. Sure am glad I won’t be here to see the end of our Republic. The younger people want socialism thanks to an education system that brainwashes them and a compliant MSM.

  3. WOW! An honest politician! Scherie Murray is an immigrant we all wish for!
    Get rid of A-OCK NYC!

  4. the dems are as usual a group one cannot trust whether in business or any political office and the same for their socialist views wake up America wake up !!

  5. Let me remind you that the Democrats raised more money than the Trump campaign and Hillary reached for tissues and alcohol on her defeat. Run on truth and more times than not you will be victorious. Science, science, science as the Democrats cry, is subjective at best and truth cannot be.

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