AOC Keeps Fighting Unpaid Tax Bill

AOC Keeps Fighting Unpaid Tax Bill

( – Controversial Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is in the line of fire again. She still hasn’t paid her back taxes, but she’s demanding other people pay more. The freshman representative recently tweeted a sarcastic suggestion that there should be “some public fund billionaires could pay into,” a clear reference to income tax.

However, unfortunately for AOC, it’s a matter of public record that she hasn’t paid a bill for $2,088.78. The IRS has been trying to get her to settle this debt since 2013. It goes back to a radical publishing company AOC founded in 2012. The state of New York dissolved the company, Brook Avenue Press, in 2016.

After the dissolution of the company, New York officials issued a warrant against AOC for payment of $1,618.36 in tax. Since then, the bill has accrued over $400 in interest and fines – but AOC is still refusing to pay it. She says it was issued in error because the business closed years ago; the state tax department says they know that, and the bill is for taxes that were due years ago.

Now AOC is facing criticism for demanding that others “pay their fair share” while trying to duck out of paying her own.

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  1. Why don’t they just take her assets until she pay’s or do what they do to other’s take it out of one of her account’s with bank/bank’s like they do to the average person, why is she above the IRS LAWS and the average joe isn’t anyone anyone daaaaaa

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