AOC Takes Aim at Fellow Democratic Lawmaker

AOC Takes Aim at Fellow Democratic Lawmaker

( – A new round of infighting has broken out in the Democratic Party. It comes as a radical congresswoman pledges to go to Texas to support a radical left-wing challenger to one of her own party’s lawmakers.

On February 4, notorious motormouth Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) announced that she plans to travel to a February 12 rally in Texas. The rally is in support of two “progressive” Democrats, including Jessica Cisneros, who plans to challenge Representative Henry Cuellar (D-TX) in the primary for the state’s 28th Congressional District. Cuellar beat Cisneros in the 2020 primary, but now she wants another try.

Cuellar is a moderate Democrat, and the “Democratic Socialist” AOC has a long record of clashing with Moderates. In this case, she’s targeting Cuellar because he refused to link President Joe Biden’s green and social spending plans to the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

As well as helping Cisneros, AOC could be aiming at boosting her own status in the party. She criticized Democrat leadership for not sending her and other “progressive” lawmakers to campaign in Virginia ahead of last November’s elections. She called it “a mistake,” even though a much more moderate Democrat went down to a challenge from the Right. AOC seems to think that voters worried about left-wing policies will be attracted by extreme-left politicians. The party’s leadership doesn’t seem to agree.

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