Army’s Future Soldier Preparatory Course Gives Second Chance to DQ’d Recruits

Army's Future Soldier Preparatory Course Gives Second Chance to DQ'd Recruits

U.S. Army Gets DESPERATE – Second Chance Offered!

( – It’s no secret the military has had a hard time with recruitment in the last few years. That has led to some creative solutions from the Pentagon. Now, the Army is rolling out a new program to get more soldiers.

In July, the Department of the Army released an announcement about the creation of the Future Soldier Preparatory Course pilot program. It will allow potential recruits who failed the Occupational Physical Assessment Test to rehabilitate themselves and try again. The test measures a person’s academic and physical ability.

General Paul E. Funk II, the commanding general of Training and Doctrine Command, said the new program will allow failed recruits to try again. He explained the course is good to ensure recruits have an opportunity to serve America “without sacrificing the quality” of the Army.

The program launched in August and will be run out of Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Army Chief General James McConville traveled to the base to check out the pilot program on August 26. He told the Associated Press there are young people who want to serve, but are working to overcome “challenges on the academic and physical side,” so the military branch is giving them another shot.

Classes will focus on math, vocabulary, reading comprehension, nutrition, healthy weight loss, sleep habits, and other subjects.

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