Arnold Schwarzenegger Plugged Pothole A Big Misunderstanding

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pothole Plug Turns Into Local Utility Fracas

( – Arnold Schwarzenegger served as the 38th governor of California from 2003 to 2011. Though the Republican left office more than a decade ago, he is still committed to serving his community. Recently, he did something for his neighborhood that caused a bit of back and forth with the city.

On April 11, the former governor posted a video of himself and his team filling an alleged pothole. He explained that his “whole neighborhood” was upset about the hole in the ground because it had been “screwing up cars and bicycles for weeks.” He told his Twitter followers that his motto is that people shouldn’t complain; they should “do something.” So, he took action.

The city of Los Angeles responded to the former governor’s actions by telling NBCLA that he did not actually fill a pothole. According to a city spokesperson, the hole was actually a “service trench” that was related to “active, permitted work” underway by SoCalGas. They went on to say the project was expected to be completed by the end of the following month.

On April 13, Daniel Ketchell, Schwarzenegger’s chief of staff, responded to the remarks by the city, by telling everyone to take them with “a grain of salt.” He explained that the city tried to pretend the work by SoCalGas was active when it had actually been completed in January. They were just waiting to repave it.

Fox News reported SoCalGas didn’t have a problem with the former governor filling the patch. Communications Manager Marissa Girolamo said the company left Schwarzenegger’s work in place but strengthened the patch. She said a crew went back to the neighborhood and “used special equipment to go over [the area] to make it all stronger.”

The former Republican governor responded by saying, “Teamwork.” He said he was happy that he could help speed up the process.

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