Assassination Attempt Against Mayoral Candidate

Assassination Attempt Against Mayoral Candidate

( – When Americans decide to become public servants, one of the issues they have to consider is the danger to them and their families. Throughout the history of America, many political leaders have lost their lives. On Valentine’s Day, a mayoral candidate learned that the hard way.

Democratic Louisville, Kentucky mayor candidate Craig Greenberg was in his office when someone walked in and started shooting. One of the bullets hit the candidate’s clothing, but didn’t penetrate his skin. During an interview, Greenberg said the man, identified as 21-year-old Quintez Brown, pointed the gun directly at him when he and his staff greeted him.

The Louisville Courier-Journal identified the suspect as a former editorial columnist and intern at their paper. Greenberg said he’s never met the man who allegedly shot him. He said the incident was “surreal.”

According to Greenberg and the police, there were four staffers in the room when the suspect began shooting. The mayoral candidate and his team were able to block the door when Brown allegedly began firing. The suspect fled after that.

Friends and family of the alleged shooting suspect were shocked. Brown is an MLK Scholar at the University of Louisville. He mentors young kids and recently announced he would be running for Metro Council in District 5. One of his professors, Ricky Jones, called Brown “one of the most brilliant kids” he had ever encountered.

Police have not revealed a motive for the shooting.

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