Assaulted Father Calls 911 After Son Stabs Mother to Death

Assaulted Father Calls 911 After Son Stabs Mother to Death

( – Parents generally have a special bond with their children. Sometimes, though, things go awry. This was the case with a Texas man who attacked his parents and killed one of them.

On Wednesday, April 19, CW39 aired a press conference with Primera Police Chief Manuel Trevino. He discussed an incident that happened the night before. The chief said the department received a 911 call at about 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday about a possible stabbing. When officers arrived on the scene, they found a bloody woman in the living room. The police then encountered an older man on top of a younger man; they discovered the older man was a victim as well.

According to the chief, 18-year-old Dallas Scott Gilbert was taken into custody. Police identified the female victim as 47-year-old Angela Watt Gilbert. She was the suspect’s mother and died from her injuries. The other victim was the suspect’s father, 55-year-old Gary Scott Gilbert. He was in the ICU at a local hospital. Police say the dad is the one who managed to make the 911 call.

The police chief informed the public that the suspect allegedly confessed to the crime. He wasn’t under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time of the incident. Trevino said they have not discovered a motive for the crime, but the suspect reportedly said the only reason he could give was that he experienced a moment of rage.

Angela Gilbert reportedly had defensive wounds on her arms and hands. Trevino said she fought for her life but said that she “probably had no idea what was coming” because it was her son who committed the crime. She suffered between six and eight stab wounds to her body. The dad’s wounds were to his chest and other areas.

Police had been to the house once before, but it was for a verbal disturbance.

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