ATF Agent Allegedly Caught Taking Photos of Gun Buyers’ Records

ATF Agent Allegedly Caught Taking Photos of Gun Buyers' Records

Federal Agent Caught – Secret Photos Reported!

( – The ATF regularly carries out gun shop inspections around the country to make sure they’re complying with federal law. A seller in Mesa, Arizona, has accused an agency employee of doing something strange during one of those checks.

Dave Nagel, the owner of Black Metal Firearms, posted an Instagram video from July showing a woman thumbing through a binder of paperwork and taking photos with her cellphone. According to the shop owner, the mystery woman was an ATF inspector.

The gun shop owner alleged the inspection occurred in January and said she took photos for 20 minutes. He told radio host Glenn Beck that when he asked her if she was creating a firearm registry, she responded, “No, that would be illegal.”

Nagel spoke to The Reload, a pro-gun website, about the incident. He claimed he posted the video because he believes the country has a right to “see what’s going on here.” He went on to say he thought the agency should be held accountable.

ATF Public Affairs Division Deputy Chief Erik Longnecker responded to the website when it asked about the video. He claimed he couldn’t “comment on a specific investigation or inspection.” The federal official said the agency was going to investigate the allegations.

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