Attacks on US Bases Continue to Rise

( – Hamas’ attack on innocent Israelis on October 7 started a war. The Israeli government has promised to eradicate the terrorist organization. The United States is supporting Israel and sending aid to the country, which has caused other militants in the Middle East to attack Americans, and they are not slowing down.

Since October 17, there have been dozens of attacks on US service members and bases in the Middle East. Militant groups located in Syria and Iraq are trying to murder Americans because of the war in Gaza. In a recent string of attacks, a senior official told Fox News Digital that a drone was shot down near the Al-Asad Air Base in Iraq. There was also a multi-rocket attack on the Patrol Base Al-Shaddadi in Syria.

In both of the most recent cases, there weren’t any injuries to US service members or damage to infrastructure. The Pentagon has not confirmed those attacks.

On December 7, Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh told reporters that there have been at least 78 attacks since October. Five of those have taken place since November 29.

According to the Military Times, Singh said that it was good that the Department of Defense hadn’t seen an attack in the last 24 hours of her press conference; she said that they wanted to see that continue. However, she acknowledged the attacks could become a daily occurrence again, like they were from October 17 through November 22.

Singh said a total of 66 service members have suffered injuries in the attacks. She refused to tell the media how many of those were considered traumatic brain injuries.

The US has responded by launching targeted strikes on infrastructure in Syria. However, Republicans have criticized President Joe Biden’s administration for not taking tougher actions against Iran. The militant groups that are attacking the service members are reportedly backed by the Middle Eastern nation.

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