Author and Tinder Match Killer Allegedly Extort Nurse in Phony Murder-For-Hire Plan

( – In 2021, a Nebraska court sentenced Aubrey Trail to death for the 2017 murder and dismemberment of 24-year-old Sydney Loofe. Samantha Al-Rekabi is a true crime writer who was working on a project about Loofe’s murder when she met the killer. Now, she’s in trouble with authorities.

On September 17, Nebraska police arrested Al-Rekabi. The arrest warrant for her was filed two days prior. The Lincoln Journal Star reported that in the document, State Patrol Trooper Neal Trantham stated the investigation into the situation began in March 2021. That’s when police received intelligence that Trail had managed to compromise a female member of the prison medical staff.

According to the trooper, Trail told Al-Rekabi to befriend a nurse. She allowed the nurse to stay at her house and provided her with money and electronics. The writer spoke to investigators in 2021 and denied she’d spoken to any prison staff members for the convicted murderer. Trantham’s probe turned up recordings of Al-Rekabi and Trail speaking about the nurse.

The nurse had reportedly been sneaking in tobacco for him and a cell phone. The killer also wanted someone to smuggle a gun in.

According to the report, Trail and Al-Rekabi talked about how the nurse made a mistake when she gave him a phone. He said the medical staffer would give him whatever he wanted because she wanted them “to go away so badly.” Trail said he told the nurse to bring him “a gun so [he] can just kill everybody.”

The nurse admitted to the FBI that she told Trail about her troubled marriage. The killer later told her that he hired a hitman for her and made a $2,400 payment for her to have her husband killed. Trail then told the nurse she would have to give him $25,000 to have the murder stopped. She gave Al-Rekabi the money.

Al-Rekabi was charged with extortion.

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