Authorities Shutter University Due to Money Laundering Probe

Authorities Shutter University Due to Money Laundering Probe

College Shut Down After What Authorities Uncovered

( – Colleges and universities have been under increased scrutiny over the last decade or so for bad practices. Several schools have been forced to close as a result. Now, New York is targeting a private, Christian college for money laundering — but that isn’t its only problem.

In May, the Empire State made the decision to close Olivet University campuses. On June 30, NY Deputy Commissioner of Education William P. Murphy rejected the school’s appeal of the previous decision and issued a harsh statement. According to Newsweek, he stated the university has demonstrated a “pattern of noncompliance with laws, rules, and regulations” and only complies when it’s forced. He also noted Olivet is alleged to have ties to “criminal activity.” The Department of Justice (DOJ) is looking into allegations it laundered money for criminals in China.

The money laundering investigation isn’t the only ongoing probe into the school.

In 2018, a woman called 911 and claimed she was being held captive at an Olivet campus in Anza, California. Several other international students complained about their treatment at the school, which was founded by Korean-American cleric David Jang. Some of the alleged victims said they were offered full scholarships to attend the university, but when they arrived at the campus, they were told they owed money and had to work to pay it off.

Several law enforcement agencies, both local and federal, searched the California campus in 2021. They were also investigating visa fraud and money laundering.

The school still operates in California, Tennessee, Georgia, and Illinois.

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