Award Winning News Presenter Under Scrutiny For Possible Child Abuse Crimes

( – Crimes against children are some of the worst a person can commit. That’s what an award-winning news anchor is accused of doing in Louisiana. He has now resigned from his position.

On June 4, KTAL reported that former KTBS anchor Bill Lunn, 59, was the subject of an ongoing investigation by the Shreveport Police Department. According to the report, three local men were on a mission to catch people who were trying to have intimate relations with underage girls when they captured Lunn.

Antonio Coleman, Kameron Kennon, and Kataurio Grigsby were the three men who were conducting the vigilante operation. Coleman said that they provided law enforcement with an account of what happened on May 29. He explained that for more than three weeks, the trio pretended to be an underage girl in an attempt to trick local men into meeting up.

On May 28, Coleman said Lunn began a conversation with their fake persona. During the conversation, the men claimed they told Lunn that they were a 15-year-old girl. He claims the 59-year-old sent photos and spoke about what he wanted to do to her. Coleman claimed the conversation was so explicit he couldn’t even say it out loud.

The next day, Lunn allegedly called Shreveport Police and reported being the victim of an assault and battery. However, the case report of the alleged incident stated the married Emmy Award winner was actually being investigated for computer-aided solicitation.

Coleman stated that Lunn showed up at a designated location to meet the fake teenage girl and saw the three men instead. He ran away and later told law enforcement he was the victim of an assault.

No charges have been filed in the case but Lunn resigned from his job as news director of KTBS. Lunn’s attorney, Dhu Thompson, spoke to the New York Post and said the former anchor “vehemently denies” the allegations. He said his client is cooperating with authorities.

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