Bakery Falsely Accused of Racism Receives $36M Payout

Bakery Falsely Accused of Racism Receives $36M Payout

( – A family-owned bakery in Ohio has been fighting Oberlin College since 2016. The owners of Gibson’s Bakery sued the college after its administrators and students called them racists over an incident involving students who were caught shoplifting. Now, the business has finally received the massive payout it was owed.

On Thursday, December 15, attorney Brandon McHugh confirmed his clients had received a $36.6-million payment from Oberlin College. According to 3News, he stated that he “can confirm that all funds have been disbursed,” and the family is now focused on rebuilding its business “for the next generations.”

The lawsuit stemmed from a 2016 incident where Allyn Gibson, the son of owner David Gibson, chased an alleged shoplifter. Two students who were with the man being chased intervened, and a scuffle took place. The students were arrested, and the suspected shoplifter later claimed it was because he was black.

Oberlin’s administration and students began protesting the bakery, refusing to purchase baked goods from them any longer. The students eventually pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges relating to the incident, and the bakery sued. The Gibsons won their defamation lawsuit and have now received their payment.

McHugh stated the lawsuit was “about right and wrong,” and pointed out that while the students fessed up to their crimes, the school never took responsibility for its actions.

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