Bald Eagles Are Dropping Dead After Poison Was Dumped

Bald Eagles Are Dropping Dead After Poison Was Dumped

( – Bald eagles are a symbol of American freedom as the United States national bird. They were also once an endangered species but have rebounded tremendously. Recently, a number of the majestic birds died in Minnesota after poisoning.

On December 4, Inver Grove Heights police found a sick eagle. University of Minnesota volunteers with The Raptor Center found several more sick birds. In total, they found 13 ill eagles. Three of them died.

Authorities believe the birds were poisoned after feasting on the remains of dead animals, which were euthanized and dumped at the Pine Bend Landfill. The Raptor Center is caring for the remaining 10 birds.

In a post on social media, the center identified the likely poison as pentobarbital. The National Laboratory of Medicine has labeled the drug a barbiturate. Healthcare professionals use it to treat seizures, intracranial pressure, and insomnia and even use it as a pre-anesthetic. For veterinarians, it’s the preferred drug to put animals to sleep.

People who euthanize animals must dispose of them in a way that doesn’t make them dangerous for animals that might scavenge them. It’s unclear who dumped the animals that the birds may have eaten or what type of animals they were. The birds that didn’t die are in critical condition.

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