Barney The Dinosaur Is Unveiling Apparel for Adults Now

Barney The Dinosaur Is Unveiling Apparel for Adults Now

( – A big purple dinosaur burst onto the kids’ entertainment scene in 1992. Barney premiered on PBS and ran until 2010, and Mattel, Inc. announced the television show is being rebooted. Adults who once enjoyed the cartoon will also be able to buy nostalgic clothing.

On Monday, February 13, the company revealed the show was being remade as an animated series. The Barney brand will also be made into a film and YouTube content. Toys, clothing, books, and other products will accompany the relaunch. But it won’t just be for children. According to the press release from Mattel, there will also be clothing and accessories for adult fans, eventually.

Barney also received a makeover for the animated series, and people had a strong reaction to it. The dinosaur is still bright purple with a green belly. However, his eyes are no longer brown. Instead, they are a bright, glowing green. He now has a thinner face, slimmer nose, and defined cheekbones. The cartoon character’s smile is much wider, too. The hashtag #NotMyBarney trended on Twitter, with many of the show’s old fans speaking out against it.

One fan claimed their childhood was “brutally and violently murdered” by the makeover posting a side-by-side picture of both versions.

Another said Barney had cosmetic surgery.

Josh Silverman, Mattel’s CFO and Global Head of Consumer Products, said, “Barney’s message of love and kindness has stood the test of time.” Mattel Television General Manager Fred Soulie explained that the company is now tapping into the “nostalgia” of those who grew up with Barney and introducing the character to their children. The executive went on to say he believes parents will also enjoy the new show as well.

The rebooted franchise is set to debut in 2024. In the meantime, the company invites fans to follow its Twitter account for updates.

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