Barr: Antifa Is Using “Guerrilla Warfare”

Barr: Antifa Is Using “Guerrilla Warfare”

( – For months, Leftist agitators, reportedly linked to the Antifa movement, have been wreaking havoc on cities. Now, US Attorney General Bill Barr is speaking out about the group and, also, how Democrats are making it worse.

During an August 9 interview on Fox News’ “Life, Liberty & Levin,” Barr said Antifa is organizing riots that are a “new form of urban guerrilla warfare.” The AG told host Mark Levin the organization is using the First Amendment to justify its actions. He also slammed the radical left group as being interested in “some form of socialism, communism.”

Barr also defended the police and said they’re being demonized.

The attorney general blamed the Democratic Party for the chaos, because they’ve moved farther to the left, that they’re trying to “run people’s lives,” and President Donald Trump “outrages them.”

It’s a fact the riots are by-and-large happening in places governed by Democrats. When they talk about limiting the police’s ability to keep people safe, and criminals realize their leaders stand with them, the violence will continue. Hopefully, Barr and President Trump will get it straightened out.

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