Barr Confirms Antifa Rumors

Barr Confirms Antifa Rumors

( – On May 31, after a weekend of riots, President Donald Trump announced the US was going to designate the far-Left group Antifa a terrorist organization. Shortly after his announcement, rumors started swirling about law enforcement investigations into the group. The attorney general of the US just confirmed that chatter.

During a June 8 interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier, Attorney General William Barr said the Department of Justice (DOJ) is investigating the radical organization. He explained it’s “loosely organized” but there are leaders in “any given situation.”

Antifa is being blamed for instigating many of the riots across the country. They’re a radical organization masquerading as “anti-fascists” but seem to only cause problems due to some of their extreme actions. Republicans have been sounding the alarm about them for years and now it’s possible that something might be done about them.

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  1. Blacks and whites working together. Really? You mean the anti-facists whites that are starting the violence? When I lived in Warren County, NC back in the 1940’s I actually saw black men get lynched for nothing. It is forever burned into your brain. Something you will never forget. As a child, I saw the KKK come into black communities and burn down houses and churches for nothing. I was raped as a teen by a group of white men who called me nigger as they had their way with me. They thought it was funny as I bled all over them. You didn’t learn black history in school… you learned white history. You could never walk in my shoes. Couldn’t spend one day in them. You want TRUMP to stay in office so the racism can continue. Go back where you came from spoken by our President. Black people are American citizens just like anyone else in this country. We worked hard to be Americans. From sunup to sundown we worked in the fields in the hot sun to make white people rich. If seeing George Floyd get murdered by a racist cop and there are many of them, killing black men and women everyday, hasn’t changed you your heart is non-existent. White people always want to tell black people to pull themselves up by their boot strings. Everytime we do we get knocked down by racist white people. Go shove your ignorant racists thoughts and comments up your behind.

  2. ALL lives matter even those of police officers whom you have no hesitation in calling on when you need them. What happened to Floyd was WRONG and any officer who puts his knee in the same manner to ANYONE or uses unnecessary force should be punished accordingly. I don’t understand why when blacks are killing other blacks there isn’t outrage and protest demonstrations taking place.
    Why is a man who knocked on a door under false pretenses and a pregnant woman answers, that man forces his way in and points a gun at her belly and keeps it pointed there while a car with 5 men get out and enter her home to rob then they all leave, is being made out to be such an exemplary citizen (read what Candis Owens has to say). His life does matter and it may have started out as a nonviolent demonstration but it has turned into something so violent that it has taken away from what it started out to be. All protesters who started with nonviolence in mind should disband and go home so that all those who caused the destruction and deaths can be left to be caught and punished !!! Tru it was wrong that your own people sold your ancestors into slavery but when are you going to let it go, you can’t change the past and out of a bad thing came a good thing because I don’t think you’d rather live anyplace else because if you did you would have already left this great country of ours and by the way I’m not white.

  3. GOD bless America. I agree with 95% that has been written about these issues. First Floyd shouldn’t have died the way he did, autopsy is back and nobody is talking about the fentanyl and meth that Was in his system, if it was really investigated excited delirium might have been part of the cause. Floyd was utilized as this tremendous person, and rightfully we should seek And say nice things, but his record can’t be ignored. The many funeral services all over the news kept fanning the fire. Again blame on fake liberal news. Isn’t it strange that most of the cities that burned, riots, looted were governed by democrats. And it was the socialist “Demorats” that started the carnage and kept it going. We need to learn from history and tearing down monuments isn’t the answer. I could go on for a lot more issues but will close with GOD bless our police, firefighters, all other first responders, our military President TRUMP and AMERICA and please keep us the great democracy, capitalism and the greatest place in the world to live.

    • Was the Floyd rioting more than random acts of violence? How was ANTIFA seemingly prepared to start their violence? What did they know, how did they know and why weren’t they countered?

  4. PLEASE!!! Black People have worked for this country. We built it and white people got rich off of it. Everything was taken from us. Our language. Our history. Our families. Our women were raped. Our men were lynched. The towns we established were burned down and all the people were killed. We are the only race of people that the USA tried to destroy that have not received reparations. All you racists hide in the background during the day, smile in our faces and go home at night and have your racist meetings and talk about how to kill minorites. Wake up white people. White people have no idea what it feels like to be hated for just the color of your skin because you have always had a privileged life. But we still rise and will continue to do so. We will continue to marry your women and men until you no longer exist as a race… lol. TRUMP is a racist liar! He started all this by his words of hatred. We as a nation need him out of the White House. The other countires are laughing at TRUMP and his ignorance. He has made the USA so weak. VOTE BIDEN 2020!

    • I have worked with many educated black people and have many that are friends. They think the same way that I, a white person, think. You people claiming racism are just a bunch of whiners. You did not build this country. My family were immigrants that came over from the old country and worked their butts off to provide for their families. We were taught to respect all people. You are not hated by the color of your skin but by your actions. Hate begets Hate. Your recent actions are even turning your own kind against you. Uneducated radicals do not speak for good educated African Americans. BLM and Antifa are thugs and corrupt killers. You will NOT take over our country. You don’t like the KKK or white supremacy but you will see who the patriots are. I was not raised to be racist but you will not take my country or history from me. #TRUMP 2020 #AllLivesMatter#ProudAmerican

    • Your a absolute idiotic person to believe that Blacks built this Country! Seems the Irish did instead! What was taken from you, anything backing your statements. NO! You listen to Liberals like “Racist” Joe Biden who Panders to you, Lies to you for a Vote! HUM! Brief History Liston to a non reading Liberal! Think about slavery! Who brought slavery to the USA? Tell me Mr. Tru! No it was not the White Man!! But instead it was the Islamic Black Muslims from Northern Africa (Now Somalia, who still sells slave to this very day) they used the Spanish Sailing Fleets to introduce Slavery to the Whole World. Facts, Are they went into Business with the Democrat Party who got rich off the Backs of Slaves. The Northern Democrat Businesses such as Cotton Textiles, and the Southern Democrat Plantation Owners who sold Cotton to their Northern Democrats. Hum! Think Mr. Libera l Tru the truth hurts doesn’t it!
      Republican President Abraham Lincoln wanted to end Slavery which was not right. Then the Democrat Party created their own Army called the Confederate, then they succeeded from the Union and created their own Country called the Confederates States of America and started the Civil War, while flying their Battle Flag of Dixie! The Union Army won this Civil War and all of those Richie’s you spoke of was totally lost. The Racist Democrat Party then created the Hate Group called the *KKK* to keep the newly freed Black Man in Place (Mr. Tru!) Then your Democrat Party wrote Jim Crow Laws against the Black Man (Mr. Tru) Yet! The Democrat Motto: *Always Blame what we did on the Republican Party* (Mr. Tru) Again, Mr. Tru Joe Biden will Pander to you as does Nancy Pelosi then forget about you. Funny! The Republican Party freed Blacks from Bondage, the Republican Party voted the Civil rights Bill into Law, but Democrat President Lyndon Baines Johnson signed the Bill and took credit for the Civil Rights Bill with Dr. Martin Luther King’s Approval. President Johnson was a Klansman, funny wasn’t it!, and Johnson’s famous Racist Statement * The Republicans gave me a gift for (“I will have those Ni__ers voting Democrat for the Next 200 Years”) Again, Here it is Joe Biden telling you if you vote Republican you not Black!!!! So, This tells me MR. TRU you have never read American History, and you are told how to vote and can not make a decision on your own! Seems Joe Biden was Anti- Bussing and just like the Democrat Robert Carlyle Byrd, Who was a recruiter for the Klan while in his 20s and 30s, rising to the title of Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops of his local KKK chapter. A member of the Democratic Party, Byrd also was Hillary Clinton’s Mentor that served as a U.S. Representative from 1953 until 1959. He is the longest-serving U.S. Senator in history, was the longest-serving member in the history of the United States Congress, until surpassed by Representative. Democrat, of Alabama “Gov. George C. Wallace” a vowed “segregation forever” and blocked the door to keep blacks from enrolling at the University of Alabama. Again, Mr. Tru do a little home work on your Segregationist *Joe Biden* Before you vote!

    • Both of you (Nancy and Doug)are stupid and ignorant. The first thing racist white people say is that they have black friends and that white people built this country and that you were all immigrants. You people, your own kind, your country? What does that mean Nancy? This is my country too. I know my history very well. My ancestors were tortured for 400 yrs. My great grandmother was a slave and was raped repeatedly by her slave owner and had 5 children by him. He killed the boy babies. I don’t hate white people, my wife is white, but I should. I just refuse to trust the racist President we have now. The time is always right to do what is right. Who cares about Republicans or Democrats? TRUMP needs to go. You can’t kill our dreams. The yes sir masa days are over with. It’s time for racism to end. Both of you look in the mirror and see the racist you are staring back at you. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. We will not stop until we have the justice we deserve. You can stand with us or against us, COWARDS!!!

    • Mr. Misinformed, Get over it your not the victim here YOUR ANCESTORS WERE ! Learn some History. Next what evidence do you have that proves Our President is racist? Yea that’s what I thought. Next; what myth of systemic racism can you prove that’s a REAL problem. Once again that’s what I thought – you cannot you haven’t the proof. PLEASE stop listening the to the race baiting Politicians. P.S. YOU stop being a coward, face the TRUTH for starters, Study the History of the Democratic Party as it relates to Black People. And give all us decent people a break, be a self made Man!!!!! ,P.S. Here’s a clue. Historically from it’s inception the Democratic Party has practiced systemic racism and still does, but don’t take my word for it crack some books and find out for yourself. GOD BLESS!!! I hope you find some Peace.

    • I can see you have very little education if any at all. Your little rant and accusation of racist white folks is not all true. Being a white male now in my early 70’s I was fortunate enough to learn history in school instead from a bunch of racist people on the street. I DO AGREE with some of the things said BUT in order to have peace and equality both sides have to work at it. From all the BS That is going on now don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon. Instead of pointing fingers stand back and take a good long look at what’s going on in the streets. There are mobs of people in the streets BLACKS and WHITES rioting together LOOK HARD BLACK AND WHITE TOGETHER ALL WORKING TOGETHER. If these people would work at peace imagine what could be instead of what is. If this violence continues the radical people will loose. Make no mistake in thinking this is garble, the storm is just in the horizon and brewing and it’s not going to be about black and white.

    • I’m 85 years old and I have actually seen black men get lynched for nothing. It’s something that you never forget. It is forever burned into your brain. I’ve seen the KKK, as a child, come into a black community and burn houses and churches down for nothing. Blacks and whites working together? Really? You mean the anti-facists whites who are starting the violence? You didn’t learn Black History in school… you learned white history. You want Trump in office so the racism can continue. Blacks have a right to be angry so go stuff your lies and ignornance up your behind. We shall overcome one day!

  5. ALL of this unrest is manufactured by the leftist/progressive/Democrats. BLM has a Marxist agenda, and that’s according to other black people. The death of George Floyd was USURPED by BLM as a power grab so that the spotlight would again be on them. Antifa is just another group with a similar agenda. Both of them swear fealty to the Democrat party. ALL of this is designed to drive Trump out of office one way or another. The youth in this country have always been fairly apathetic — they just don’t go to the voting booth. Joe Biden certainly doesn’t inspire them. Something was needed to light a fire under them. Along comes the horrific death of Mr. Floyd and — boom! — now we have a bandwagon for everyone (with underdeveloped critical thinking abilities) on which to jump. Instant revolution. And, yes, George Soros pays people to organize protests and recruit participants for those protests; he also funds a lot of Democrat campaigns. BLM funnels money to the Democrat party. If we let them have their way, the final destination will be Biden in the White House, then a socialist country. Biden will be dragged to the left because he’s nothing but a figurehead/mouthpiece. The Constitution will be amended to take away more and more of our freedoms. We will end up as a socialist nation … That’s what’s up, folks. Better wake up!!!

  6. I’ll tell you one of the most important things the republican party the politicians better grow a spine they talk a good game but I want to see some action it’s about time we see them in jail the Russian collusion idiots

  7. Good luck fixing a problem that took over 200 years to create!
    But I love our country and not give up. So many other people have their all to give me a unique country that I love and will hate to see die off into just another Marxist country. Marxist Countries are for irresponsible, lazy, dumb people. There are already too many of those kind of people in our country, and we patriots are loosing ground. Wake up America!!

  8. I have read all of the comments and I completely agree with EVERY word. Democrats are the REAL THREAT to this country.

  9. Are you kidding – this is white nationalists pushing this nonsense – wake up because you may be next on their lists. We are only as strong as our weakest so, beware of this kind of unfounded lies. Trump does care for anyone but himself and his followers are being duped into believing his lies.

    • Boy, you are a complete idiot. There are not enough white supremacists to do this kind of damage. antifA is making
      Insurrection in this country, and remember there are lots of people who have guns that maybe will be used if the police can’t control this.

    • Boy are you in for a shock. ANTIFA has been hanging around since after the world war 2 when they hung Mussolini. The are paid anarchist, now being well paid by George the mad Hungarian whose name we cannot print, but he runs Media Matters. The have teamed up with BLM and the remnants of Occupy Wall street and the Democratic left. Last week they trashed cities all over America and demonstrated in Great Britain. They are the goon squad for the Globalist attempted take over. They just took over seven blocks of an American city, Seattle, and set up a command post. Better wake up, America.

    • Mary you are one idiot, Trump loves this country and it’s people, unlike the muslim that was in Our White House for 8 years before him. Trump also believes in our constitution. ANTIFA is a terrorist group, affiliated with the Nazi’s. I am a Trumpster and proud of it. He did more for this country in 6 months before he was elected than the past three presidents combined. Trump is the President this country has had since Ronald Reagan

    • Mary the non reading Liberal who is a OSTRICH! Head Buried in a Hole blind to the Democrat Corruption around herself. She is told what to think, how to think, and whine and do nothing. Nancy Pelosi’s check to you is in the mail! LOL

    • Mary, do your own research and see who spoke at Senator Byrds funeral, the former head of the group you love to hate KKK & the modern day Antifa .. Obama the first half black half white President. He just marched to the drum of the racist Democrat party to get money and power at your expense.

  10. If you hit the donate button on the BLM website, it takes you to another website that belongs to 501c3 charity. When you look up who that charity has given money to, it shows many Democrats, including Biden & the DNC. Per IRS Rules, 501c3 charities are not allowed to give to politicians. BLM is supporting the Democrats & I’m sure the Democrats are supporting BLM.

    • In addition, BLM has nothing to do with black people or race issues, this is another Communist organization just like Antifa. Actually both these anti American groups work together and receive large sums of money from the likes of George Sorros. No American should support BLM at all.

    • Actually the BLM is just a black form of the KKK, and I can’t stand either one of them, isn’t it ironic that blacks vote for democrats when they were the party that brought slavery to this country and are the ones that formed the KKK. I guess they have forgotten that it was a Republican President and conservatives that fought to free the slaves

  11. They are Fascists, as well as a terrorist group. As much as they say they are Anti-Fascist, they are nothing more than a modern rendition of Hitler’s Sturm Abteilung (SA), or Brown Shirts. A bunch of young thugs beating up on people that disagree with them.

    When should treat them the way we treat any other terrorist. Arrest, try, and imprison them; or kill them.

  12. Please tell me what is going on. Who is charge of this situation? State by state is different. In Washington they have taken up a large amount of territory in downtown Seattle. Why is that OK? This is plain and simple anarchy. Is that OK with the citizens of that state? It has to stop. Bloodshed in significant quantities swill be next and the police will catch all hell for something that they didn’t start. The terrorist will retreat to their rat hole, there will be a huge amount of destroyed property with some loss of life and no one around to make good except the public. The stupid Governor will demand that the federal government pay for the loss and for some reason blame Trump.

    • God Bless America!!
      Help get the people who mean to destroy America for their own agenda out of offices and get people who love America into these offices. Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  13. Now that they are armed and have taken over blocks of Seattle. Is this enough to do something?

  14. i agree. the sooner we get PELOSI out of our country , the better. Send along with her, HILLARY CLINTON , WATERS and bugged-eyed SHIFF, BOTH OF THE OBAMAS and THAT MUSLIM OMAR. THEY are the problems in this country and do not deserve to live in AMERICA.Hopefully . in NOVEMBER, we can get rid of these traitors and clean up the swamp . With TRUMP in 2020 and the TRUE AMERICAN PEOPLE , we can do this.
    ALSO, when will we see that HILLARY is convicted and send to prison, to be with her followers?
    TRUMP 2020

  15. I agree with Michael that Hussein Obama is right in the middle of all this turmoil.
    As Barr goes up the ladder investigation- wise in Obamagate, they are going to find that actually Obama ordered the dossier spying on Donald Trump along with Crooked Hillary who partly paid for it.
    Obamagate is going to make Watergate look like child’s play. And do keep in mind how many close friends and associates of Crooked Hillary and Slick Bill Clinton have committed suicide. None or very few committed suicide anymore than I have. I believe they call it murder disguised as a suicide. They are all extremely evil and obviously will stop at nothing to not get caught at the crimes they have committed
    The saddest part or most concerning part
    is the Dem. Party could care less about illegal activity. Most should be in prison!!

    • They should have already put them away. The closer we get to November the less likely they will be held accountable.

    • i agree with MICHAEL. OBAMA has always hated AMERICA and did everything to weaken our country by sending our products to CHINA. Causing the lost of our AMERICAN factories and jobs.
      They lined their pockets with the tax-payers money.DEM OCRATS ARE LIERS – enemy of our country.
      MICHAEL – you are correct in everything you posted. A TRUE AMERICAN. TRUMP 2020

  16. I agree with the above comments, BLM must also be held accountable for their actions as well as ANTIFA,they are all causing damage to property, being violent, committing crimes, there have been people hospitalized and even killed. Burning down police buildings taking over neighborhoods and making demands just like terrorists! Therefore they need to be dealt with just like terrorists!! If not this won’t stop, it will keep happening all over. Show them how they will be dealt with and others might think twice. I’m so tired of some feeling that they are entitled to things that they aren’t! You want something then work for it, earn it, you’ll enjoy and appreciate it that much more! But these people must be dealt with quickly with a hard blow!

  17. I don’t know if any of the accusations are true regarding Soros being the financier behind the rioting, murders and destruction. If he is in fact financing this then I would feel certain that Barack Obama’s in the mix as well. I’ve read and suspected he has been involved to distract attention away from William Barr’s investigation of the Robert Mueller Russia investigation. I’ve read pieces that have Obama squarely in the middle of manufactured story

  18. They need to be identified, linked to their “crimes”, including inciting to riot, tried, convicted and sentenced. We have a due process and a legal electoral system to effect needed change. EVERYONE is now well aware of the social and economic disparity in our nation, though the claim of systemic racism is false. Lock ’em up. THEN we can have a rational discourse with the true American citizens, who believe in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  19. ALL ANTIFA participants should be accountable for their actions i.e. looting, destroying property, shooting and assaulting citizens. Jail time & restitution and community service

  20. And while you’re at it, include blm! Nobody believes they’re just a black justice group. The problem is everyone’s too scared of being called RACIST to say it out loud.


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